Our company is built on  core values;

  • Discipline in the execution of our actions in accordance with established procedures and plans,

  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings,

  • Respect for employees, customers, suppliers and communities where we work;

    we work every day to maintain the confidence of all who are affected by our


  • Technical expertise, our clients trust us to find the best solutions to complete their projects.


      Commitment “No accident, no harm to people, and no harm to environment.”

  • The achievement of these goals shall be the key criteria in: -­‐

  • the growth of our Company

  • defining of Managerial Roles and Objectives.

  • setting general standards of conduct for each individual member of the company


    This approach, fully integrated within the complete chain of responsibilities, underlines the professional commitments to our personnel to HSSE goals, contributes to improve the image of our Company.

    It is a duty for Wilson Global Drilling LLC. and its subsidiaries not only to comply with the measures required by law in respect of HSSE but also implement such measures as a mater of everyday conduct at the highest possible level in the performance of our activities.

    In Managerial Positions at the Head office as at any location, HSSE shall be one of the absolute priorities.

    Each and every manager shall, by providing motivation and example:

  • lead his personnel to identify, analyse and eliminate or at least control the risks inherent in their work.

  • provide the necessary leadership and commitment to maintain a culture of continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

    At the individual level, no matter what position held in the Company, the prevention of accidents must be of a prime concern.
    This policy must be poster and implemented in all locations where we work and everyone has to comply with it.We shall monitor the performance, compliance ad improvements trough our HSSE Management System.


        Wilson Global Drilling LLC is an oil and gas  drilling and workover contractor,     

we accomplish our activities:

  • to the satisfaction of our clients and shareholders,

  • with due consideration to our personnel and partners

  • with constant attention to safety and the preservation of the environment,

    We are a responsible corporate citizen with great ambition. To achieve this mission, we are committed to:

  • Better understand and practice full disclosure with our Clients to better serve them and keep their trust,

  • Be attentive and available to our personnel, encourage the motivation and development of each employee,

  • Consolidate diversity and extend our know-­‐how thanks to innovation and feed-­‐ back from experience,

  • Promote and implement diversity and equal opportunity employment,

  • Improve our performance in all domains,

  • We leverage our shared values; professionalism, integrity and transparency,

    personal commitment and team spirit.
    We shall rely upon our values shared and practiced by all of us -­‐

  • Professionalism, integrity and openness.

  • Individual commitment and team spirit.

    We trust that this commitment will insure continuous and sustainable growth of Wilson Global Drilling LLC. together with its subsidiaries.



  • Beyond compliance with all applicable standards and regulations we are ready to assist our clients with the most ambitious projects to reduce the impact of drilling operations on the environment.

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